Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Way to go Aunt Andrea!!!!

Today the whole family got up early and drove down to CSUN.

We happily got to watch Aunt Andrea receive her diploma.

There were proud parents...

and a super proud niece!

Thanks to my kick-butt zoom lens we were able to watch Andrea walk in,

get her diploma,

and walk off stage to be congratulated by folks in her department.

Once that big moment was over it began to get hot and slightly boring for Libs.

But because she loves Aunt Andrea so much she toughed it out without ever using the iPhone or other diversion!

After the ceremony there were many photos to be taken: Graduate and silly niece,

graduate and parents,

grad and dad,

grad and mom,

the cute couple,

the graduate herself,

and a future graduate (heaven help me!)

the grad with our little family,

bro and sis,

and two cute sisters!

One final firework and it was back home...

for a celebratory lunch...

and gifts!
Andrea, we are so proud of you! You have been through a lot and have persevered through it all. Now you are talking about grad school... you amaze us!!! We love you!

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