Friday, May 13, 2011

The end of a really fun TAW

Today I delivered the last of the TAW surprises.

We asked each of the kids to bring in items for each teacher off their "Favorite Thing" lists.

We got so many items that they didn't fit in a basket-- we had to put them into boxes.

The kids really wanted to see what was on the inside (I think the teachers did too) so Miss Caroline offered to open hers.

It was chock full of cool things....

including sweet little felt pins from Miss Libi :)

We went to visit Daddy at school and Libi got to help out with the explorer game.

She was in charge of the dice and she took her job very seriously!

I was lucky enough to head out to a scrapbooking retreat and the family came over for steak dinner.

Libi remembered my request for photos of the evening...

even if they were silly ones.

Everyone was happy!

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