Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A very full day...

This morning we returned to dance class-- and Libi was rearing to go!

We did some warm ups in the lobby...

to make sure we were loose for the actual class!

We were really excited that Elyz and baby Daniela came to class today too!

Since the recital was the following week they allowed the parents in for a mini-show.

Libi was thrilled to dance in front of Daddy :)

All of the girls watched Libi for the cues to the dance-- too bad she wasn't going to be in the recital with them.

Love the pointed toes,

the out-stretched arms,

perfect synchronization,

and amazing form--- American Ballet Company here we come :)

We took Daddy with us to Pop's too-- where Libi read to us from her holy book (aka a free-be address book that Pop got in the mail.)

Libs requested orange juice with lunch... Pop suggested that she squeeze her own.

This was one of my favorite things to do at Nana and Pop's house when I was little...

so it was really fun to see Libi enjoy it too!

She experienced the joy of picking her oranges,

squeezing them and drinking the juice-- so very fun!

This afternoon we decided to tackle the dress up clothes-- what an ordeal!

We did find lots of things that we had forgotten we had!

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