Saturday, June 11, 2011

The full Stockton experience...

When at Jammy's house you get to use the community pool.

It was a bit cold at first, but we got used to it!

Libi remembered all that Miss Karen taught her.

Her torpedo arms were amazing!

She tried to come up for a few breaths...

and she and I did some tandem floating.

We all had fun!

We hopped out of the pool...

and headed to dinner.

Libs looked smashing in her turquoise headband!

We went to one of our favorite Stockton spots-- a really yummy place for Chinese food.

Libs tried hot tea for the first time...

and she LOVED it!! She's going to be a tea girl like her Daddy!

In the evening Ron and I went on a date night to...... Target and a local spot to get some frozen yogurt! We love that Jammy and Granpa are so willing to babysit when we visit!

While we were out Libs got some yummy dessert too!

Strawberry cupcakes-- oh yeah!!!

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