Sunday, June 12, 2011

Taking new friends to Bob's

We can't make a visit to Stockton without heading to our favorite local dive.... er, I mean restaurant.

So after a short photo shoot...

with a very sassy model...

we went to Bob's on the Marina.

Not only did Bob and Renia meet us there, but Matt and baby Virginia came along too.

My daughter loves babies-- and no, that doesn't make me want to give her a brother or a sister-- I just let her borrow other peoples children :)

Guy created Little Mermaid pancakes for Libi this morning.

Virgina will be eating princess pancakes in no time!

There was a special surprise after brunch...

a bird man was dining with two of his friends. He even let Libs pet one of them!

Renia and Libi took a walk on the pier to look for fish-- they didn't find any, but they saw come neat boats.

We hit the pool again today.

Libi is becoming far more confident as a swimmer.

Her form.... well, we are still working on that.

She is now swimming almost across the pool on one breath-- a true fish!

While we were at the pool today there was a little girl who was hanging around us. She was very sweet and really enjoyed playing with Libi. Every time Libs would swim over to me the little girl said, "I wish my Mom would come in the pool." As much as I don't love hopping into a swimsuit in public, I love swimming with my girl!

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