Thursday, June 9, 2011

A sad day on the farm...

Libi went to school this morning while Ron and I went to support Dolly at her Mom's services.

It was nice to have Ron there since it was in St. Claire's Catholic church and the last time I was there was during high school. Ron and I have some good stories about that place ;)

Ron ran to grab Libs while I went to the internment.

After school we all met back up on the ranch where Dolly's mother, Emily, grew up. Libi enjoyed learning how to make lanyards from Miss Emily,

and there were goats to talk to.

While Dolly and I talked, the girls drew pictures...

and the boys talked history! That's my star pupil, Lucas, who happily still likes to see his 5/6 grade teacher :) I'm so proud of this young man!

On the way out our little city girl took some time to chat with the horses.

They were beautiful...

and friendly!

We made a quick run back to our homestead to pack up...

so we could drive north to Stockton. Wow, what a day!!!

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