Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Focusing on the drive not the destination...

We are always so focused on either getting to Stockton or home that we don't stop to see the sights. Today we resolved to stop at all the places we have been curious about.

Up first the Blue Diamond visitor center.

We have seen it from the freeway dozens of time...

but we normally travel on weekends when the hours are most limited.

At the visitors center you can see a movie all about almonds (did you know that they shake the trees to get the nuts down?)

AND they have a sample of every kind of almond they sell.

Libi was happy to pose with the samples-- Ron was too busy sampling :)

Thank goodness for the Father's Day sale-- since we left with almost a dozen cans!

This is totally worth the 30 minute delay.

After a short nap...

we ate lunch at the Black Bear Diner-- one of our favorites from our trip to Oregon a few years back.

Next on the agenda was the Sunmaid Raisin Plant.

We had a little trouble finding it...

but once we did we were greeted by...

the world's largest box of raisins.

This was the high point of this stop. The store wasn't worth it, there was not information about raisins, no factory tour, nothing! Don't take the time for this one folks.

Finally we needed something sweet when we hit Bakersfield.

We found a bakery which had been featured on Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate. Giada mentioned their Matterhorn cake (seen here). It was heavenly, but one slice shared with a friend is more than enough! I can't imagine a whole cake of this sweetness.

The bakery was darling-: lots of candy, baked goods, boutique items- I want this chandelier for my studio!

Here we all are in front of the bakery-- I even got our trusty car in the shot!

The second we got home Libi changed into her dress up stuff.

She was a feast for the eyes...

accessorized with every item she owned!

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