Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another crazy, busy day

Today the pods containing stuff from Grandmom and Uncle Bill's estates arrived.

It was great fun for all of us to watch them get unloaded on the mini fork lift.

While Ron and I unloaded the pods, Libi played with Daniel from down the street.

He attempted to show her how to ride on a scooter.

She quickly decided that a bike might be easier!

Daddy helped...

and in no time she was taking off!

She looks like such a big girl here...

is it wrong that I never want those training wheels to come off...

if they do she won't need Ron or I there to help her :(

Daniel was so sweet he even gave her a duck that quacked a song!

In the evening Ron and Libi went to Aida while I got stuff ready for VBS! Libi has now seen a musical that I haven't seen-- YIKES!

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