Saturday, January 28, 2012

A very busy day...

Libi is totally my daughter-- she has been addicted to puzzles lately! She and I spent the morning doing puzzles and relaxing while Daddy was proctoring the SAT.

We then drove across town to that awful play place owned by a rat to celebrate one of our favorite boys who was turning 4!!!

Libi (and all the kids at the party) were so happy to play here-- all the parents simply tolerated the noise and craziness!

Libi and Jude did lots of rides together...

then Libs hit it rich on the Elvis Presley machine...

She won the bulk of her tickets for the day on this one machine!

Jude was a darling birthday boy!

We love this family!!!

Ron showed up at the very end of the party, so we had to get one family shot!

Libi and I were again Daddy-less tonight as he went to chaperone Winter Formal. I almost forgot how good he looks in a tux!

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