Friday, January 6, 2012

Heading home...

We are trying to eat at more local, non-chain places in the new year and on the way home we found this gem!!!

An actual Foster Farms restaurant next to company headquarters, complete with imposter chicken (which you can purchase bean bag toys of for only $6!)

Libs and I were super excited for lunch!

These folks really know how to cook their chicken...

Ron had a terriyaki chicken sandwich...

and I had the most scrumptious chicken tenders-- it makes both Ron and I want to return to Livingston to try their fried chicken!!! It might just give Mrs. Knott's a run for her money :)

Libi was in a pancake mood-- and they were amazing!!! Mommy might have eaten all her left-overs (something she rarely does!)

If you ever pass through Livingston, CA off the 99 highway, you need to give this spot a stop-- along with the Sunmaid Raisin Store and the Blue Diamond Almond Store!

With only a 30 minute nap it was a long, but enjoyable drive home!

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Dolly said...

Foster Farms restaurant looks like fun, and yummy too!! Glad you guys are home. Now let's get together! Love ya!