Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gorgeous weather!

Today it was hard to believe that we are in the middle of winter! It was gorgeous and warm-- perfect weather for playing with friends at school.

Lots of Libi's friends have January birthdays. Today for Luke's party he gave everyone a cupcake with a ring on it. Libi was ecstatic to get the only Ariel ring available!

Coincidentally a few days ago I found Libi and Luke holding hands on the yard. I know at this age that it is sweet and innocent, but it still made my heart ache a bit. Someday all too soon she will be holding hands with a boy she likes, going on dates, and being very grown up. I'm hoping that this doesn't happen for a long, long time!

I ran some errands tonight at Target before a preschool meeting and this is the beautiful sight that was laid before me. I simply love living on this side of the SCV-- it is perfect for me!

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