Friday, January 20, 2012

Go Cats!!!!

Today for S share day Libi took her very new Snow White doll-- she couldn't take the prince with her because she broke his leg off and he is still recuperating.

It was such a long week-- full of meetings, late nights, and lots of struggles-- so it was nice to just let Libs run and enjoy time with her friends.

She needed it and I needed to watch her do it-- it helps to make me less stressed to see her so happy.

As a fun family activity we took Libi to her first high school basketball game...

actually I took her while Ron worked the shot clock.

She watched the game for maybe ten minutes then she had more fun playing with Grammy or doing Angry Birds on my phone.

I forgot just how much I love high school basketball-- it is just so much fun to watch!!

I get totally into the game: yelling, clapping, booing-- yeah, I'm that girl! One of the most exciting players on the team is the 6 foot 7 inch junior you see in the white jersey in the center of the photograph. He is like a tree right in the middle of the court and can slam dunk just like Michael Jordan :)

We look forward to many more games in Wildcat arena!

For a late night dinner we indulged in Fatburger! While it is expensive and not terribly healthy it was insanely good!

The vanilla milkshake was one of the best I've ever had! It was a perfectly happy end to a rather gloomy week :)

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