Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A quiet day in Stockton...

One thing I forgot to post about yesterday... Libi came out to show me a picture she had drawn and I looked at the top to find our last name!!! It was the first time she has written it without asking how to spell it! The "i" in the middle is missing and the "o" is on the top, but it looks pretty good to me :)

We went to Fulton Villa to visit Jammy, but Mommy neglected to take pictures!

For lunch we made out first trip to the Golden Ox Diner.

It was a really fun greasy spoon filled with tons of trains!

Libi loved watching the train go around and around the restaurant.

Next we went to Jammy's home community of Austin Gardens to visit the dogs. It took a few moments for Libi and the dogs to warm up to one another...

but as soon as they did, they all had a wonderful time!

Libi even helped round up Jammy's friends for the afternoon activity.

The residents there just love Libi and she is still quite good with them-- letting them kiss her and hold her hand.

In the evening our creative side came out--- Libi made Gnomeo and Juliet out of Play-doh...

and then we did the world's smallest puzzle (when a nearly 5 year old is "helping" you!)

Look at it.... it's barely bigger than my hand, but we completed it, in record time, together. Puzzle #2 of 2012!

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