Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back to work for HL...

Today Sunday School resumed for the 2012 year...

Libs was thrilled to be back with her peeps-- you can see her singing away while making her craft in this pose!

It was a huge day for me as we had more kids then we have had since the first day of Sunday School-- let's just hope they come back next week!

We celebrated Epiphany today and Libi was very proud of her star that she made.

A few doors away there was a raging doughnut party for our 4-6 Club. We have had poor attendance in this class, despite two amazing teachers, so we decided to start the new year off with a bang!

I even hired a DJ for the hour and he did an amazing job-- even taking requests! I knew this was a great idea when I saw kids running to get into the room!

My other brainchild of the day was the activity for the class-- we decorated marshmallows to look like the 3 wise men and then threw them into the manger (strawberry baskets.) The kids (and the adults) all enjoyed themselves, so it was a wonderful day at church!

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