Saturday, January 21, 2012

A fun Saturday

This weekend I was inspired to do some cooking. For breakfast this morning I made ham cups with eggs, toast, and salad.

Libi, Ron and I all enjoyed it!

Libi is still totally in Barbie land. Today I found them all naked and in a line-- not sure what the story was that caused them to get to that point.

This afternoon was the party for Libi's Birthday friends, Conner and Chloe. All three kids were born on the exact same day-- in different hospitals-- but on the same day!

The party was at Scooter's Jungle-- a place we used to frequent with Daddy's students.

Ron and I were enjoying a few moments to talk when we looked over and saw Libi hysterically crying at the top of a play structure. She was up there with a few of her friends from class, but she couldn't climb out of the compartment she was in. Her classmates were trying to help her, but she was too hysterical. We had to send a worker up there to get her...

when she came down she was upset for a bit, but after playing in the kitchen she was right as rain.

Last year when we were there Libi wouldn't go down the slide without Daddy-- today she only asked for him a couple of times :( She is growing up!

Miss Sharie came to the party AND she even went down the slide with the birthday boy!

As her last play-time act Libi did the zip line-- and loved every second of it!

After a group photo...

and some cake we were bushed!!! Time to head home for nap.

While we were out our slow-cooker was getting dinner ready for us. I improvised a baked potato soup using components from about four different recipes. It came out really tasty-- and the bacon on top didn't hurt either!

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