Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The big day.... Libi turns the big 0-5!!!

Today my baby turned 5!

She is now a full hand old and I'm kind of sad about it!

She was thrilled to get to go to school and share her special day with all her friends.

She got to make her cake and blow out all her candles.

Lou made her crown-- and it was super special! My favorite part was a bikini sticker that she added a head and legs to.

To share with her classmates...

she brought doughnut holes...

and they were enjoyed by everyone!

Rev. Susan gave Libi a special birthday blessing and anointed her with oil. Libi was so taken with it that she made plans to meet up with Rev. Susan next year for another blessing.

As a special Birthday treat Libi got to pick out a new outfit for Disneyland (who also has a birthday today!)

She selected a lovely white, frilly dress with shoes, a purse and panties.

Daddy joined us as an additional surprise and we had lunch at Red Robin.

Libi drew a picture of herself and Disneyland in birthday crowns-- Libi is on the left.

It has been such a fun day...

and it's not over yet!

The second Birthday song of the day happened at lunch when the waiters sang to Libs.

What fun do we have planned next?

Libi got to ride on the bus in the mall and the roller coaster ride. Then it was home to nap!

We continued the annual tradition of taking treats to the nurses at Henry Mayo.

They were so happy to see Miss Libs!

She loved touring around and looking at the room where she was born and the place we stayed with her the first few days.

In exchange for her treats, the nurses gave her a parfait.

We can't wait to do it all again next year.

Libi's choice for dinner was...

Chi Chi's-- she is totally Ron's child!

Her final birthday dessert was spumoni...

which she graciously shared with her Daddy.

That resulted is two very happy campers!

Grammy wanted to see the Birthday girl so she came over after dinner.

Libi also got her gifts from Ron and I.

She was very happy too get a new Ariel costume...

and the dolls to complete her Barbie collection! All-in-all it was a very fun Birthday!

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Stacy said...

What a fun day!!! MMMM that pizza and spumoni looked yummy. I love Libi's birthday outfit, she looks like such a big girl :)