Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The best Lodi has to offer...

Since I forgot to say it on the first--- Happy January from the Ippolito's. This collage of photos was taken during a photo shoot to make calendar gifts for the grandparents. If I remember (or am reminded by my beloved readers) I will do a collage at the beginning of each month to share these pictures :)

We decided to get out of the house for a bit and see the best that Lodi has to offer.

Libi began the day as the photographer, until the strap on my camera came undone.

The big thrill of the day was seeing the snow leopard close up. She was just feet away from us and was very happy to chat with us for a bit.

This is a funny picture--- I asked my two favorite subjects to pose with the baboons. Ron thought it would make for a better photo to sit Libi up on the railing. Libi wasn't informed of this plan and had a major freak out, screaming, crying, and kicking believing that her father was about to feed her to the animals...

This is pretty much how I looked during the whole thing.

Libs recovered nicely and posed for a happy tortoise photo.

One of our favorite traditions at Micke's Grove is to measure our wingspan-- Ron's hasn't changed much but Libi's is different every time!

It was a nice hour visiting some animal friends-- but now it was time for lunch.

Ron promised Libi next time we were visiting Jammy and Granpa that he would treat her to a root beer float at the original A&W.

I'm not sure who was more excited about this-- Ron or Libi.

While Daddy picked up the order, Libi and I got silly.

A mug of frosty goodness...

and two very excited people!

It was a hit with Libi!

In the evening Ron and I skipped out for a date night.

We went to Peitro's Trattoria in Lodi and it was amazing! Their bread alone is worth a visit-- and their pasta was good as well!

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Dolly said...

Those rootbeer floats look quite delicous!!! Did I spell that right? It doesn't look right? Oh well you know what I mean =)

PS- loved the collage!