Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A fun day with my girl!

We have quite a little artist on our hands at the moment! She is coloring, cutting, pasting, and painting up a storm!

I was lucky enough to get to attend chapel with Libi's class today. They ask for parents to come, but thus far it's only been me in the chapel time. It's really cool to see how the kids react to Susan's questions about God

Today I added a little bit of life to my bulletin board. It needs a few more things to really make it pop, but stay tuned-- I have big plans for this little board!

Always leaving school with a smile...

you gotta love this girl!!!

For lunch we decided to hit up Sam's Club-- not only is it a cheep lunch but you can get the fruit you need to make more smoothies there! Libi is totally addicted to my smoothies at the moment and we were completely out of frozen fruit!

The creative play just keeps getting better! Libi is rediscovering old toys (thanks in part to Elyz coming over last week and unearthing some old things). Today she had a lovely birthday/tea party for some of her dolls-- complete with a move when the weather got bad! She has a great imagination!

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