Friday, March 16, 2007

Visitors are coming...

Today Libi was up early and ready to welcome her grandparents from Stockton. She was pretty restless last night, but I'm assuming that she was just excited that Jammy Grammy and Grampy are coming into town today. Despite her night, she woke up very happy and smiley!

We will spend the day at home doing final prep work for the party tomorrow.

Grandma and Grandpa got here around 11:30 and we have spent the afternoon getting reacquainted. Libi spent some time napping with Grandpa, being fed by Grandma, and generally getting spoiled! Mommy used the time to clean and Grandma helped so it went much quicker!

Daddy and I spent the evening prepping for the Baptism Party. The Clark's came over to see Libi and drop off some dishes they borrowed, but otherwise we just cleaned. Libi and I took a bath together tonight and she seemed to like it better than the shower.

Daddy just returned from a trip to Albertsons to pick up some of the food for tomorrow. If you are reading this-- whether or not we were able to get an invitation to you-- please come to the house around noon for lunch. We have tons of food-- sandwiches, chips, salads, and cake. Libi would love to have you help her celebrate her baptism.

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