Friday, March 9, 2007

Fabulous Friday...

After another uncomfortable evening, Miss Libs found relief at about 11 p.m. She then slept from a little before midnight to nearly 7 a.m. It was a good night for all of us!

This morning she is still a bit fussy, but not so much that we couldn't run up to Mint. I had to deliver some things to school, so we hopped into the car and were there for about an hour. Everyone was taken with our pretty girl and Aunt Betsy got to hold her for a bit. We are now back at home and Libi is taking a nap.

I forgot to mention that I gave Libi a bath this morning. I am definitely getting the hang of doing it alone. She wasn't really happy during the bath, but at least she smells good now.

This afternoon I was trying to make some pasta for lunch, but Miss Libs wanted to be near me. Therefore I tried the Baby Bjorn for the first time. It was quite challenging to figure out how to strap the thing on but once I did it worked great! Libi and I spent some time in the kitchen and later she'll help me decorate the house for St. Patrick's Day and her Baptism party.

The decorating went well with Libi in the Bjorn-- it went even better when Daddy got home and took Libi outside for Daddy Daughter time. We are now relaxing in preparation for a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Ippolito. While they are here we will take care of some more clean up for our big party next week.

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