Thursday, March 8, 2007

A taste of life at home...

Last night during American Idol Libi became very upset. She was again doing her weekly crying fit where nothing makes her happy. She cried for about a half an hour before falling asleep in her Daddy's arms. Ron finally understood what it was like for me last week when I couldn't get Libi calmed down.

The night was pretty rough with my uncomfortable little one waking up regularly. She began the night in the bassinet, but ended up in bed with us. This morning I took a shower after Ron and when I came out I found Ron, Tobee, and Libi all cuddling in the bed-- I wish I had a camera, they were darling!

This morning we have done well so far. Libi had breakfast and is happily sitting in her papasan chair. I have been taking some pictures of her in the morning light. She is so used to the flash from a camera that I think we are grooming her to be a celebrity-- paparazzi won't bother her a bit!

I forgot to report that yesterday while at Nana and Pop's they turned on the ceiling fan for her. She has been fixated with anything on the ceiling, especially fans and light fixtures. I wondered how she would react when it was turned on, so Nan turned on the fan while Pop was holding her. She stared at the fan until it stopped spinning again-- it is so fun to see her experience new things.

We spent the morning out and about-- first to Remember When the scrapbooking store at their new location. I found lots of fun things in their beautiful new store for Libi's scrapbook. Then we surprised Grandpa Ron at his work. He enjoyed showing off his beautiful granddaughter to all his work friends. Next it was off to Bob's Country Meats to order the food for her Baptism party and finally Albertson's to order her cake. We are now back at home with Tobee, relaxing and getting ready for lunch.

Tonight we have just hung out as a family. It is always nice for us to have a quiet evening at home. Libi is still a bit cranky-- we hope that she will get the crankiness out of her system before we go to bed after Idol and 5th Grader. We have been shocked by some of the Idol top 12-- people seriously weren't voting based on vocal ability. I am happy though that my favorite, Melinda Doolittle, is still in :)

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Pajama Party Grandma said...

Sorry about your rough night! Try to get some rest today! Every day can't be perfect; you'd get spooiled!