Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another first for Libi...

Today we will be going to the LA Zoo for the first time with Libi. Daddy and I became zoo members this week so we can go whenever we want! We will meet our friends the Strassners there and explore the zoo with them. We'll let you know what Libi thought of the zoo later.

We are back home from a good but busy day. We met the Strassner family at the zoo for Libi's first trip. It was so much fun to walk the zoo with them! Ben thought Libi was cute and Emma was a big helper keeping Libi in the shade. Amy fed Libi a bottle during our lunch stop and Howard took an amazing family photo for us. We are very lucky to have such good friends.

Libi slept through a great deal of the zoo, much like she did at Sea World. However, when she was awake she enjoyed seeing all there was to see.

After the zoo, we made a stop at Aunt Andrea's apartment for a visit. It was wonderful seeing her place-- she's done a great job of decorating it. She and I chatted and played with Libi while Ron took a nap on her sofa. Libi was kicking and cooing for her Auntie-- I think they both had a good time!

I'm off to take a nap...


Mr. Ippolito said...

It was lots of fun going to the zoo today with my family! I love reading about all of Mommy and Libi's adventures while I'm away at school. Keep up the good work, Mommy! You're the best!


Pajama Party Grandma said...

I agree! You are all awesome! Wish we could have been at the zoo with you! We're off to see the Thunder tonight. Have a good nap Mom!