Thursday, March 22, 2007

Libi is 9 weeks old...

As of yesterday, my baby is 9 weeks old-- I can't believe how fast time is flying. Last night was good. We gave Libi a bath before American Idol then went to bed after the results were announced. It was a pretty peaceful night, Daddy got up for the middle of the night diaper change and feeding so I could rest after our sleepless night Tuesday.

This morning we went out to Remember When, Michael's, Cost Plus World Market, and Old Navy. I found a really cute bunny outfit for Miss Libs to wear Easter week. (My daughter has to wear holiday themed clothes preceding every holiday.) We then made a stop at PetSmart to see Tobee's trainer, Nichole. She was shocked to see little Libi-- we haven't been in for a while. I think the Libi, Tobee and I will take a class soon.

We called Daddy to see if he had had lunch today-- he said no, so we met up at IHOP. It was nice to see Daddy before 4 or 5 in the afternoon! We are now at home-- Daddy and Libi are napping and I am trying to get laundry and yearbook pages done. I would love to take a nap, but sometimes it is easier to do things when everyone else naps :)

Grandma Cris came over this evening to drop off some pictures for Daddy and she brought you a darling little outfit. Mommy went to bed early and Daddy and Libi had some bonding time.

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