Saturday, March 31, 2007

Travel Day...

We woke up this morning and prepared our last minute travel needs. Daddy was packing and working on the final draft of the yearbook. Mommy was making sure she didn't leave behind anything that she or Libi would need during our week-long trip to Stockton. (Thank heavens Jammy Grammy and Granpa have a washer-- that makes packing easier!)

Daddy loaded our car and at 10 a.m. Jammy Grammy, Libi, Tobee and I all hit the road. It was hard leaving Daddy behind, but he will be having tons of fun with his kids on the east coast.

The car ride was pretty uneventful-- Tobee sniffed the livestock smells, Jammy Grammy and I took turns riding in back with Libi, and Libi slept or smiled.

We got into Stockton at about 3 p.m. Libi and Tobee were both glad to see Granpa and Mommy was glad to be out of the car. We unpacked and spent some time just hanging out! Libi got some kicky time and time in her pink papasan-- not to mention lots of time being held by Jammy Grammy and Granpa.

We are now getting ready for dinner-- so I'll write more later!

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