Saturday, March 24, 2007


This morning Libi woke up to spend some time with Grandpa Ron and Daddy. They let Mommy sleep in until about 7:45-- which she really appreciated! Then Libi and Mommy set off for an adventure while Daddy was interviewing seniors for the UCLA scholarship.

We drove into the valley and made a stop and Nana and Pop's house to show them how cute Libs looked in her teal ensemble. She is wearing a teal onesie from Jammy Grammy and a sweater made by Aunt Pat in Oregon.

Then we went to Storyopolis, a really neat children's bookstore, for a CD release party. We subscribe to a site that tells us about events in and around LA-- museum exhibits, author appearances, plays, movies, anything that is for kids age 0- teenagers. They told us about a new CD called Habla blah blah which teaches kids Spanish. Daddy wants Libi to learn Spanish, and Mommy wants to learn Spanish with her so they can't have secret conversations. The woman who wrote the CD was singing and dancing with the kids at the store-- it was really fun. We got the CD and will begin speaking Spanish on our next trip in the car.

On our return trip to Santa Clarita, we stopped by Nan and Pop's again to tell them how much fun we had. Libi slept the entire visit, but it was still nice to see them. We grabbed lunch on the way home and shared it with Daddy upon our arrival.

Aunt Andrea came over to spend some time with her niece. Mommy and Daddy took the opportunity to go out to the garage and pull out clothes from Mommy's past. Jammy Grammy saved a bunch of Mommy's clothes from when she was a little girl. Several of her outfits were made by Grandma Harrigan-- Libi's Great-Grandma-- and we are looking forward to seeing them on Libi.

Mommy and Libi took a nap this afternoon, when Libs woke up Daddy took her so Mommy could keep sleeping. When I woke up we went to Albertson's to grab some groceries. Libi always enjoys looking at the bright lights in stores.

After a lovely chicken dinner we watched Stranger Than Fiction with Will Farrell. It is a really interesting movie-- different, but good!