Tuesday, March 13, 2007

First MOPS experience...

This morning Libi and I went to our first MOPS meeting, thanks to our good friend Diane Schmidt. We had a pretty good night, although Libs was a bit restless from about 3 a.m. on. We made a quick stop at Rio Norte on the way to the church to drop off a folder Daddy left behind. The ladies were all very nice and they thought Libi was adorable!

It is an interesting concept-- lots of Moms at all stages getting together, doing crafts, taking trips, doing philanthropy, and praying. They have a guest speaker at each meeting and serve a nice breakfast. I sat at the Sweet Pea table with some very nice girls-- one who has two daughters and another with a boy and a girl. We also met a woman with a 2 1/2 month old named Jack who was very cute, but looked like a giant next to Libs. Diane fed Libs while I ate and I took her for most of the meeting. She was fixated with the lights and speakers on the ceiling of the church, but startled every time there was applause. I was hoping she would sleep through most of the meeting, but she wanted to be a part of everything.

On the way home we stopped by Albertson's to order more of the food for Saturday-- can't wait to have everyone over for the Baptism party!

Sorry about the confusion, but MOPS is Mother of Preschoolers. It is a group of Moms who meet every other week to support one another. I think that we will wait until next year to join, since they only have four more meetings this year. The nice thing about the group is that they include Moms of all ages-- some of the ladies have high schoolers and some have infants, like me.

Libi and I decided to take a nap when we got home. Daddy came home for an hour and took Miss Libs so I could sleep a bit more. Daddy is now at his pre-departure meeting for the Spring Break trip to the East Coast. He will be bringing dinner on his way home-- yeah no cooking tonight! Jackie from next door just came over with Preston-- he is such a big boy! I can't believe that Libi will one day be that big and tall. It was nice to spend some time chatting with Jackie about Mommy stuff.

Tonight as we eat we will watch American Idol and then turn in early. Libi and I have to be well-rested for our weekly visit to Nana and Pop's house.


Dolly's zoo said...

Hi Heather and Libi
What does MOPS stand for????
Love hearing about your adventures, and love the pictures and video's on picasa even more. Libi you are so darn cute.
Hope to see you soon
Love Dolly

Uncle Ed said...

Hmmm, Mom's of all ages? Some with Hig Schoolers? In "Mothers of Preschoolers"... Come to think of it as the dad of a High Schooler I do see the connection... Nevermind ;-)