Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A blustery day

Today is a rather blustery day as Pooh would say. It has been cloudy, rainy and windy. We haven't even made it out of our pajamas today. We are simply hanging out with the Toe today.
I have just finished making a pasta lunch and Libs is having kicky time. We will dress her in her cowgirl outfit for some pictures later on this afternoon.
3:45 p.m. Daddy came home with some fun news-- Tyler Durman, our motivational speaker friend, is in town tonight and he wants to meet us for dinner at 4:30. Mommy hadn't taken a shower or anything yet today, so she had to hustle!
We just got back from Johnny Rockets where we had dinner with Tyler. It was fun catching up with him about his speaking engagements, parenting book, and his family. Libi slept the entire time, so we were free to chat!
After dinner Daddy and I ran into Border's and then to Target to run some errands. It is freezing in southern California today, so we literally ran into every store. Daddy got Mommy some Golden Spoon Yogurt for dessert and now we are home watching American Idol.
Tomorrow is Nana and Pop's day and then Thursday Jammy Grammy and Granpa (his new name) come into town. Libi is excited about all of the new adventures coming up this week and next!

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