Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The day after...

Last night was a restless night for Libi and I. She had a difficult time getting comfortable, so I spent a great deal of time trying to soothe her. This morning we both have dark rings under our eyes-- we look like two raccoons. We will continue to give her Tylenol today so that hopefully we will sleep better tonight.

We will head into Nan and Pops soon for our weekly visit and we'll blog when we return.

4 p.m. and we are back at home. We had a nice long, five hour visit-- poor Miss Libs slept most of the time. At the end of our visit Libi and Nana had a great discussion-- Libi smiled and smiled at Nana. She really enjoys her visits to her great-grandparents house and I think they enjoy it as well.

We got home and Mommy had to load up her Patriotic dishes and run them up to Mint Canyon for their dinner tonight. While Mommy was there she saw Aunt Betsy who gave Libi her new and improved blanket.

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