Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lots of firsts...

Monday - Libi ate peaches for the first time this morning. She really didn't make too many faces during her first few bites. We met Renia for lunch and shopping. While at CPK Libs drank through a straw for the first time. Shopping with Renia is always and adventure and Libs experienced it first hand-- see the cute hat she made Libs wear. We then came home for dinner and Libs ate Zwieback for the first time. It was really funny to see her getting the biscuit gooey and getting it everywhere. Unbeknown to Libi she also had another first-- she got her first silent football penalty point. Ask Daddy exactly how she got it because Mommy's not really clear on that point.

Tuesday - Libs carried on the family tradition today-- she wore a pair of overalls that were worn by her Granpa Eric and her Momma. She looked so cute in her little red overalls-- you'll have to see the pictures on Picasa. We drove to Stanford to see Daddy and his CADA friends today. It was nice to see all of the CADA friends again. Libs was the hit of the BBQ and staff meeting. On the way home we stopped at the outlets-- Libs first trip to the outlets. Everything went well until Libs and I spilled a huge iced tea all over the floor of the Gap outlet. Once we got home Libs had some kicky time and then she ate dinner. She went for her first night swim, but it didn't last very long due to the chilly wind. Libs is now in her crib and I'm watching movies.

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