Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friday - Jammy, Libi and Mommy went to Babies R Us to pick up somethings for the girl. While we were there we ran into a girl who was a year ahead of me at St. Martin's. We have known her family forever-- her mother was a teacher there. She has a two year old son and twins who were born the same day as Libi. It was really interesting to see Libi's size compared to kids who shared the same uterus.
We came home and I spent the afternoon assembling Libi's activity center. All the reviews said that the product was difficult to assemble, and the folks didn't lie. It took awhile, but when it was all done Libi loved it! She spent much of the afternoon exploring how to make the different activities work.
It took Daddy a long time to get home, Grandmalito and Aunt Andrea hit some traffic on the way to get him. When he finally got home he didn't want to let Libs out of his grasp. He did let her go long enough to run to In N Out with Mommy to get dinner.
We did nothing eventful in the evening, just enjoy each others company.

Saturday - Granpa came into town this morning. We met him at the Saturn Dealership where we were looking for a used car for Daddy. Jammy, Granpa, Libi and I walked the lot looking at cars while Daddy was getting the Olds washed so we could get more on the trade-in. It took him over an hour to get to the dealership and by the time he arrived we had the paperwork done on his brand-new Saturn Ion. Boy was he surprised when he got there and we had him test drive this pretty new car.
After lunch at Applebee's and finishing up the paperwork at the dealership, Jammy and Granpa went down to the valley to see Nana and Pop. Nana wasn't feeling well so we stayed at home and relaxed.
We got ChiChi's for dinner and hung out at the house in the evening. Libi is still eating her bananas and enjoying them-- we are enjoying watching her eat and seeing what colors come out the other end.

Sunday - Libs woke up at 6 and after Daddy changed her Granpa intercepted her and took her into their room. It was really nice to sleep in and now that Libs was taken care of. Jammy and Granpa left around 10 a.m. to make the drive back to Stockton.

Uncle John came over to drop off a gift for Libi from New Zealand. It was so cute that he was so excited to give it to her. We can't wait until she's big enough to fit into her green sheep shirt.

Grandmalito and Grandpalito came over for a visit around noon. It was nice for Libi to get a big chunk of time with her local grandparents. Even better for Mommy and Daddy was that we got to move some furniture throughout the house. We moved Mommy's scrapbook room from the bonus room to the retreat. This will make room for an eventual playroom for Miss Libs in the bonus room and Mommy can do some scrapbooking in her own little place.

Mommy made a turkey medallion dinner while Daddy gave Libs her cereal. We spent the evening giving the girl a bath, watching the Next Food Network Star, and other Food Network shows-- I don't know what I'd do without that channel.

Tomorrow morning Miss Libs goes to Dr. V for her 6 month check up. We'll update everyone on her new height and weight as soon as we get back.

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