Sunday, July 8, 2007

Return to Stockton...

Thursday -We woke up early and made the drive back up north. Daddy needs to be in Woodland tonight so he can get up really early to pack the track for CADA. We got to Jammy and Granpa's house around 4:30, had dinner, then Mommy drove Daddy up to Woodland. It is a really cute little town that we would like to spend more time in.

Friday - While Daddy loaded the truck an hour away, Libs, Jammy and Mommy went to lunch in Lodi with Chris. We had a very nice time at Strings Italian restaurant visiting with Chris. Libi and Mommy then spent time at home while Jammy got her nails done. Mommy was actually able to work on some scrapbook pages today-- she is so excited to get going on Libi's book.

Daddy made it home by about 2 p.m. and we headed to the pool. Miss Libs is becoming quite a fish (unfortunately she is also getting really nice coloring and Dr. V told us to keep her out of the sun until after 6 months.)

We did the traditional Friday night dinner of Bob's at the Marina with Bob and Renia. Guy, the cook, was in rare form and we got to meet his wife and the owner of the place-- Bob himself! Afterwards we hung out at the house and Mommy did more scrapbooking-- she finished 12 pages today!!!

Saturday - We went swimming in the morning and on this particular pool day Mommy decided that Libs should go under for the first time. Mommy blew in her face and dunked her under for a second. She cried a bit from the shock, but overall seemed to like it. Mommy did it twice and Daddy did it once and then Miss Libs continued to swim. The lifeguard who does lessons was quite impressed that Libs swimming day wasn't over after her dunking.

Ron and I left Libs in the capable hands of her grandparents and we went on a date to see Ratatouille. It was a cute movie and nice to get away for a few hours.

We had dinner at the Cheese steak place in Lodi which serves authentic sandwiches-- they even have Tastycakes! We spent the evening relaxing and playing with Libs.

Sunday - Mommy and Daddy weren't feeling well today, so we didn't do much in the morning. When we finally did get everyone up and moving, we went to the pool for a swim before Renia and Bob came over for dinner. Libs got dunked twice more today, but she didn't like it quite as much as yesterday.

Jammy made a really nice pork dinner and we all had fun eating at the big table-- Libs included! After dinner we sat around and watched Libs and the Next Food Network Star before Bob and Renia went home.

Monday - We got up early to wait for Jack to drive the big truck down from Woodland. This morning Libs had bananas for the first time. We gave them to her in the morning as opposed to her normal evening time so that Daddy could see her reaction, which was priceless. I will be posting the pictures tonight, but she really puckered up after every spoonful. We'll see if she does the same thing tomorrow.

He stopped by and got a tour of Jammy's house before he and Daddy hit the road for UCSB. Jammy, Mommy and Libi are getting ready to go out for a bit this afternoon.

We went out to a nice seafood restaurant for lunch. Libi was admired by all of the old folks who were eating there. Libi got to eat her cereal at the table like a big girl. Jammy fed her some rice cereal and she (both Jammy and Libi) did really well not making a huge mess.

After lunch we stopped by the mall to check out sales at Baby Gap and Gymboree. We managed to find a "few" cute things for Libs in 9 month size. It's amazing how quickly Libs huge closet has been whittled down as she has grown.

Granpa took us swimming after work-- he even got into the pool today! We had a really good time showing Libs how to kick and splash, but she likes to keep her hand in her mouth which makes swimming very difficult. She did go under two more times today and she was still shocked that Mommy would do such a thing.

After dinner we took a tubby and did another photo shoot. I will be posting soon, so be sure to see our Picasa site.

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