Friday, July 27, 2007

Full day in Stockton...

Daddy woke up this morning, repacked and headed out to Stanford. He had to make it into town to go yachting with the gang and "team-build". He left Libs and I to hang out with Jammy and Granpa.
We met Chris and Leslie for lunch at Da Vinci's Italian restaurant. Libs was fabulous during lunch and she met some babies who were also dining there. It was nice to sit and chat with the girls. Everything was great until I cleared the table and spilled ranch dressing all over the floor and my pants and shoes.
Afterwards we ran to Babies R Us to get an activity center for Libs. Mommy assembled it in no time flat-- she is becoming quite a pro at assembly. Lib loved playing in it and bouncing around-- you can see the videos on Picasa.
We met Bob and Renia at Bob's for dinner. Guy enjoyed chatting with us and dancing for Libi. We are now sitting around talking and the adults are drinking wine.

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