Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tuesday - Libs was much better today than she was yesterday. Jammy had a hair appointment so Libs and Mommy stayed home and rested. We gave Libs more bananas and she did much better with them-- less puckering!

Jammy and Granpa watched Libs tonight so I could attend a scrapbooking class at Memories for the Making. It was all about the Cricut-- I found some nice new techniques-- and I got to make a Minnie Mouse page. Since Miss Libs has yet to meet Minnie, I called the page Channeling Minnie and put pictures of LouLou in big bows and headbands. It came out really well! I really enjoyed having an evening "on the town" on my own :)

Wednesday - Jammy, Mommy and Libs went out to do some shopping and to have lunch. We got a mattress for Libi's travel crib so she won't roll into the side and wake up with net face. We were going to go to the pool one last time, but the breeze was so cool that we decided not to.

Thursday - We woke up this morning, packed up the whole kit and caboodle, and returned to So. Cal. It was a relatively uneventful drive-- Libs slept, played or ate, Tobee barked at motorcycles, watched the cars go by, and rested in the back and Mommy and Jammy drove.

This evening we will rest up from the drive and hopefully have an early night.

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