Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The end of the Stockton trip...

Friday - While Daddy was at his class Mommy, Jammy and Libs met Granpa for lunch at the bowling alley. It was a cute little place with good food-- Libs loved all the TVs and the stained glass ceiling. After lunch we went back to Granpa's office to spend more time with his office buddies.
Jammy and Mommy stopped by Katie's world to go scrapbook shopping. Libs was entertained by Jammy while Mommy looked through all of the piles of stuff. We went home to relax before going to Bob's at the Marina for dinner.
Daddy got home and the family went to Bob's to meet Uncle Bob. Guy, the cook, enjoyed seeing Libs in something other than a picture. We took some good pictures which you can see on Picasa.
Mommy and Daddy ran out on a little "date" to Borders while Libs stayed behind. We drove all over Stockton looking for frozen yogurt, but we had no luck :(

Saturday - Daddy had his last day of class today and Mommy, Libi, Jammy and Granpa all ran some errands. We helped Granpa pick out a new sport coat and Mommy got some 4th of July flip flops.
When Daddy got home we played, Mommy and Daddy ran to Katie's World and we rested for our big outing in the evening-- we went on a delta cruise! It was an hour and a half ride up the river. We saw lots of people fishing, beautiful houses, and lots of folks on the river. After the boat ride we ordered Dominos pizza for dinner.

Sunday- Mommy and Daddy slept in and Libs spent time with her grandparents. Once we all got up we went swimming-- Granpa even put his legs into the pool.
Bob and Renia came over in the afternoon-- Renia had just gotten back from Seattle on Saturday. We spent lots of time watching Miss Libs do all of her tricks and Renia took lots of pictures.
We all went to Yan Du for dinner. It was really fun sampling all of their different food. Sherry, the owner, really took a shine to Libs-- you can see the pics on Picasa.
The Next Food Network star was on, so we had to stop everything to watch! Mommy and Daddy are really hooked on this show right now-- it fills the American Idol void. Mommy called it and figured out who was going to be sent home. Daddy and Granpa ran out to grab Dairy Queen as an extra special treat.

Monday- We woke up and packed up the car-- which is no small feat with two people, a baby and a dog. Daddy, being the master packer that he is, got everything to fit. We stopped at Target to buy formula and Sonic to grab lunch before hitting the I-5.
It was a nice ride home, Libs slept most of the way. Tobee only had one melt-down when she saw a dog, poor Libs looked like she was going to cry when she heard all Tobee's commotion.
When we got home we all relaxed and had spaghetti dinner. Libs has been really unhappy since the end of the trip. We're not sure if she's teething or slightly sick, but she is not easily calmed.

Tuesday- Libi was really fussy all day long. She was only happy when she was in motion and in some one's arms. It was a long day for Mommy and Daddy. In the evening, Grandmalito came over and fed Libs cereal. Grandpalito came over briefly to see his girl.

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