Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wednesday and Thursday...

Wednesday was a busy day... In the morning, Jammy and Mommy ran a few errands while Daddy and Libs stayed home. Mommy went to Weight Watchers and lost 1.6 pounds-- not bad while she's on vacation.

Libi spent the day with Jammy while Mommy and Daddy went on an adventure. First we found the Squeeze Inn restaurant that we saw on Food Network. It was a little dive with the best cheeseburgers with a fringe of fried cheese around it-- you can see the pics on-line.

We then made the drive up to Sutter's Mill, the site where gold was discovered in California. Neither Ron nor I had ever been there and it's not that far away, so we had to check it out! The whole day was really fun, we got to spend a lot of quality time together.

On the way home we tasted some of the wine in Lodi at Jewel winery. We had some good wine, chatted with the nice girl in the shop, and bought some gifts.

Jammy and Libs were supposed to meet some girls from Granpa's office for lunch, but they decided not to go and to just spend the day at home. Libs put her toes in her mouth for the very first time in the afternoon-- another thing to suck on!

Thursday - Daddy began his class today in Sacramento, so Mommy, Jammy and Libi went on a little adventure. We kept Tobee company much of the morning and then went to have our nails done. After nails we went to lunch at a little restaurant called Denis' Country Kitchen. It was a cute little place with good food. Then we hit two scrapbook stores and Mommy found some fun stuff!

We came home to relax and wait for Daddy and Granpa. When they got home we ran over to the pool for a dip. Libs loved the water and is still splashing around. It was quite breezy outside of the pool so when we got out it was really cold.

Uncle Bob came over for dinner and Granpa cooked steaks. It was a really nice dinner, but afterwards Miss Libs was quite cranky. She had only taken a few short naps during the day, but she wanted to be part of the action this evening so she is not a very happy camper.

Tomorrow Dad heads back to class and we will do something else fun in Stockton.

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