Saturday, June 2, 2007

The weekend...

Friday was a busy day for Miss Libs and I. We woke up earlier than usual to go meet Mimi at Weight Watchers. Mommy lost more weight, bringing her total to nearly ten pounds. It was fun having Bonnie hold Libs during the meeting.

We then drove to Mint Canyon to see all of Mommy's friends. Libs was passed around and she had a really good time. Afterwards we ran some errands at Hallmark and Blockbuster. Lib slept through most of it, she is such a trooper.

She and I spent the rest of the day at home cleaning and getting ready for a visit from Uncle Ed. When Daddy got home we had a quick dinner from Taco Bell and watched Music and Lyrics.

Saturday was a relaxing day. Mommy went and assembled some Dream Dinners so cooking will be easier. She also stopped by Albertsons to see her 6th grade students who were selling candy bars. Daddy went to work and was there lots of hours.

We all had a nice dinner of BBQ pork sandwiches, spinach salad, and tater tots. We read several books and played a bit and then everyone went to bed.

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