Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Libi met her great-grandfather...

Today we visited lots of great-grandparents. We went to see Nana and Pop for lunch-- it was nice to have Daddy with us this time. We all sat and talked and Miss Libs was especially chatty. She wore a darling outfit from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Ed. For the first time she really felt her clothes-- she spent a great deal of time stroking the lace and feeling the silk ribbons.

After our visit we went to see Great Grandpa Limon at the nursing home. We met up with Uncle Hugo, Bridget, Grandmalito, Grandpalito, and Aunt Andrea there. Mommy took some very nice family photos, which she will post later on tonight. It was nice to meet up with everyone for a bit-- Libi did OK, but she got a little unhappy toward the end of the visit.

It was a long car-ride home in rush hour traffic with Libs talking the whole way-- we took some video of her screeching away. She is also doing a great deal of examining her hands-- I also got some good video of that. She is becoming more aware of her surroundings every day.

Tonight Mommy went to Weight Watchers-- she lost another 0.8 pounds, amazing after a week and a half of not being on program. Daddy made dinner and we are all hanging out.

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