Friday, June 8, 2007

Daddy's Last Day...

Today was Daddy's last official school day-- we are all excited! Libs chose to talk to Daddy before he went to work this morning, so he got a later start than originally anticipated. It was nice for him to spend a little time seeing her in all her morning chattiness. After Daddy left, Libs went back to sleep and slept in until 9:3o.

We woke up to a phone call from Grandmalito who invited Libi and I to breakfast at CoCo's. We quickly got ready and ran over to Sand Canyon. It is very apparent to Mommy that this particular restaurant does not want children at their restaurant-- they have no changing tables in their restrooms. I had to take poor Libs out to the car and tailgate her diaper change. We had a nice chat with Grandmalito and a good breakfast, too.

After our visit, we went to JC Penney to pick up our photos. We had to wait for quite a while, but the pictures are really cute. We ran a few errands and then came home for a nap. Libs and I woke up to Daddy coming home-- which was a very nice sound! Tonight we are watching a DVD, eating ChiChi's and relaxing as a family.

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