Sunday, June 24, 2007

Friday - Grandmalito did not come over last night, we just spent the night in. Today it was a quiet day at the house. Our big outing was to go to Emma Strassner's Preschool Celebration (aka Graduation). It was a really nice ceremony full of songs and stories. Libi slept through a great deal of it, but it was over an hour long! Afterwards we hung out with Amy, Howard, Emma, and Ben-- got some photos, watched Emma open her gifts, and saw Dorothy Wolf-- one of Mommy's friends mother. After the service we grabbed dinner at In 'N Out and came home to eat and be with Toots.

Saturday - The morning was a busy one-- full of laundry and packing. Mommy did a serious overhaul in Libi's closet-- she is outgrowing her clothes quickly. Libi was very fun today-- lots of smiles and giggles. Grandmalito came over for a bit in the afternoon so Mommy and Daddy could pack and hang laundry.

This evening Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet came over to watch Libs so Mommy and Daddy could go to the Police concert at Dodger Stadium. It was a fun concert--- the Foo Fighters opened the show and we saw some very interesting sights both on the way to and at the concert. Sting was amazing as always and Daddy sang along to every song (Mommy loves it when he sings!)

We got home very late to find the girls and Grandmalito watching TV. Everyone said that Libs and Tobee behaved themselves. Grandpalito even came over for a time to be with LouLou. Tomorrow we head to Stockton for a week with Jammy and Granpa-- more when we get there!

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