Sunday, June 24, 2007

Travel Day to Stockton...

Today we packed the whole crew up and drove to Stockton. Tobee, Libi, Daddy and I all did the five hour trip up to Jammy and Granpa's house. The drive was really good-- Libi was far more alert and awake on this trip. She only took two short naps, she spent the rest of the drive talking, playing with her toys, and smiling at Tobee.

We got up to Stockton a little before 5 p.m. We unpacked while Libs got reacquainted with Granpa. Jammy made a really good tri-tip dinner and while we ate Libs slept. After dinner Libs slept some more on Jammy while Granpa, Daddy, Mommy and Tobee went for a walk.

Libs has been especially chatty and happy since she woke up. We will put her in her travel crib for the first time tonight. Tomorrow I think we are heading to Mickey's Grove to go to the zoo.

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