Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day weekend...

Friday was a pretty crazy day for Mommy, as she had to return to work for one last day. She woke up early and left the house before Libs even woke up for her first feeding. Mommy had some nice time in her room with her 6th graders before they went into the ceremony-- she read them "Yay You" and gave them Disney graduation pins like she did with her last 6th grade class.

Jammy and Daddy came to school for the ceremony and Miss Libs was so good... she didn't make a sound during the whole hour and a half ceremony. Afterwards everyone wanted to see my girl-- she was in all my pics with my kids.

Mommy had to stay at school to watch her 5th graders, but Jammy, Daddy and Libi went home. While Mommy was on duty she got the rest of her room packed up and Daddy joined her at 1 p.m. to load it all into the car. Mommy was a bit sad when she turned in her key, but she is very glad that she gets to be a full time Mom.

We had Chinese food for dinner and then Jammy, Mommy and Libi went to Nana and Pop's for a short visit. Libi wore a cute little red outfit, complete with a hat-- you can see the pictures on Picasa. It was a nice visit. Libi enjoyed watching the fountain, despite the fact that it was broken in half (a naughty squirrel jumped on it and knocked it over.)

Saturday morning Libi slept in. When she finally woke up, Daddy dressed her in her pretty pink outfit for Joyce's funeral. Jammy, Mommy, Daddy, and Libi went to Eternal Valley to say Goodbye to our friend Joyce Plonk. It was a very nice service and Libi was the hit of the day-- everyone wanted to hold her. We got to see Steven and Janice and Mommy's old friend Marsha. Afterwards we went to ChiChi's for a quick lunch before Jammy had to get on the road.

After Jammy left we rested for a few hours and then went down to the valley to Aunt Andrea's house. Daddy and Aunt Andrea played Wii while we waited for Grandmalito and Grandpalito. Once everyone was there, we drove to Sherman Oaks to the Cheesecake Factory. While we waited for a table we listened to a jazz band that was playing on the promenade.

We had a nice dinner, Libs slept through most of it. Afterwards we went back to Aunt Andrea's for cake and gifts. Grandpalito liked his frame and Grandmalito liked all of her pictures. Daddy got a bunch of gifts of things to do with his little girl-- a CareBear, lotion, a teether, and a frame.

This morning Mommy got Libs for her first change and feeding so Daddy could sleep in. Libs has been very happy all morning, especially when Daddy woke up. We gave Daddy his gifts and Libi helped him open them. We will spend the day resting at home and doing whatever Daddy wants to do.

It was a nice relaxing day-- we watched movies, at take-out, and took lots of pictures. Daddy said it was a perfect day!

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