Monday, June 11, 2007

Our Weekend....

Saturday - Libs and I had a lazy day at home while Daddy was at school. Mommy and her friends Dolly, Betsy and Mary stuffed the 6th grade gift bags-- they are receiving a junior high survival kit. It took less than an hour to stuff all 85 bags all due to Mommy's fabulous organizational system. It was nice to see Mommy's work friends and Libi was entertained by her friend, Emily. Daddy came home in time for dinner and the family spent the evening together.

Sunday - Mommy got a major cleaning bug today, so Daddy was on Libi duty. We went to Nana and Pop's for dinner. It was a nice visit-- Daddy got to show off his yearbook, Libs was in good spirits, Tobee got to run in the yard, and Mommy got to eat pizza and Nana's cupcakes. On the way home we stopped at the Ippolito's to see Grandmalito, Grandpalito, and Aunt Andrea. We had a short visit with the family, but it was nice to see them all.

Monday - Libi slept last night in her crib for the first time. She slept through the night-- waking up at 6:30 for her bottle and a diaper change. It was very strange not having my girl next to me, but we all survived the night.
Mommy and Libi spent the day at Mint Canyon. Libs was in the Baby Bjorn for promotion practice while Mommy reprimanded the kids. We then sorted yearbooks with Dolly and began to organize Mommy's classroom.
Daddy got home very late and we had dinner, watched a little TV and then are preparing to go to bed.

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