Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another day of packing....

Today Mommy left Libs with Daddy in the morning so she could help out with promotion practice. It was much easier to keep the kids in line without toting Libs in the Bjorn. Daddy and Libs came up after recess to help Mommy begin the long process of packing up her classroom. This is the year for packing-- both Mommy and Daddy have to move their rooms. Libi was really a good sport while we tried to get everything done, but with Mommy's 32 kids in the room it didn't work very well.

We all had some nice at home time this afternoon after Daddy got the light on Jammy's car fixed. Mommy is having a much harder time with all this transition then she thought she would, but she'll survive.

Tonight we talked to Grandmalito and Grandpalito to wish them a happy anniversary and Daddy took our card down to their house on his way to get dinner. We will hang out tonight and relax before Libs spends another night in her crib.

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