Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Monday in Stockton we went to Micke's Grove Zoo. It was a cute little zoo with lots of birds, primates, and interesting plants. They had a few large animals-- two sea lions and a snow leopard-- but other than that only really small animals. We walked the whole zoo and saw everything in a little over an hour.

Libs was far more aware this trip to the zoo. She watched the animals walking around and loved the leaves blowing in the breeze. It was a nice day-- a little warm in the sunlight, but nice in the shade.

We came home for lunch and a nap. In the afternoon we had two exciting firsts:

First, Libs rolled over from her back to her tummy for the very first time. You can see the exciting video on our Picasa site. She was so proud of herself after she accomplished this and we were all proud of her for doing it!

Next, Libs went to the pool for the first time. She was a bit shocked that the water was so much colder than her tubby, but once she got over that she seemed to enjoy herself. It was a very short trip, but Mommy and Daddy both enjoyed their dip with their little one.

Tuesday morning Daddy took the car to be serviced and Mommy and Libs slept in. When he got home we all went back to the pool for swim #2. We were the first and only folks in the pool, which was nice but it was VERY cold! Daddy decided that getting in quickly was the best way to ignore the cold and he tried this with Libi.... she did not concur! Mommy and Libs sat on the steps and got wet gradually which was much better!

Once everyone was in we all swam and splashed around. Daddy showed Libs how to squeeze water through your hand and Mommy showed her how to hit the water and make a splash. Libs found the splashing to be quite fun and so she spent the rest of the time in the pool splashing everyone, including herself (again you can see videos and pics on Picasa.)

We dried off and Jammy and Mommy took Libi to see Granpa at his office-- Daddy stayed home with Tobee. Granpa enjoyed showing LouLou off to all of his work friends-- he even interrupted a meeting so Libs could see Uncle Bob.

Jammy and Mommy then took Libi shopping at Babies R Us and Target-- she slept through most of the visit, but that made it easier on Mommy and Jams. We came home to spend some time with Daddy before dinner.

Dinner tonight was a Lodi Beer Company, a really neat old place in downtown Lodi. The ribs were fantastic and the fried mac and cheese was interesting. Libi had another first while we were there-- she ate oatmeal for the first time. She seemed to like it much more than her rice cereal and ate the whole tablespoon. We will see if she still likes it tomorrow. Everyone oohed and aahed over Libs, we even had to talk to a couple on the patio for several moments who were admiring our little one.

This evening we have been relaxing at the house, taking turns with Miss Libs. She is overly tired due to only taking two short naps today so she was a bit fussy.

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