Saturday, July 21, 2007

Daddy came home!!!

Today we woke up and went to Weight Watchers for Mommy to weigh in. Considering that I haven't been doing program for over two weeks, I was only over 1.4 pounds. I am now back on track and should continue on the downward path soon.
When we arrived home there was a nice surprise for us-- Grampy and Spunky were waiting for us. Libs got time to play with Grampy while Tobee and Spunky ran in the yard. Mommy was able to do laundry and straighten up the kitchen during this time, so everyone won! Grampy also fed Libs for the first time and he did a really nice job.
After they left we played for a bit, took a nap, and then began to get ready for Daddy's return. He didn't get home until after 5 p.m., but it was great to have him back!!! He brought the new Harry Potter for Mommy-- which she immediately began to read-- and he took his girl. The two of them fell asleep on the sofa for a good hour nap while Mommy read.
We had a fend for yourself dinner and then Grandmalito and Grampy came back over. They gave Libs her applesauce and played with her while Daddy and I worked on the computers.
Libi has taken a huge interest in what we eat and drink since she began eating cereal. A few days ago she watched me intently while I drank water out of my 32 ounce Weight Watcher cup. I decided to put it to her lips and see what she did-- she actually took a sip. Since then whenever she's seen me drink from my cup, she's taken a sip too. Daddy finally got to experience this tonight and he thought it was pretty cute.
Libs took an evening bath followed by story-time with Daddy. Mommy finally got into the shower and had a few moments to blog. I have to say that Daddy was very sweet reading the four books Mommy chose tonight, my favorite was "Bear of My Heart." I sat in the retreat crying as he read this sweet book to our sweet girl.

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