Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Libi is 6 months old...

Tuesday was Libi's 6 month birthday. We spent the day prepping the house for our little get together to celebrate the occasion. I made cupcakes-- both chocolate and vanilla for the guests. Libi even helped in the kitchen-- well she sat in her high chair and watched Mommy make them. I suppose you could say she was on quality control.

It was a small party with Grandpalito, Grandmalito, Aunt Andrea, Aunt Violet, the Strassners and the Lopez family. We all sat around and talked, ate cupcakes and the kids played with Libi and Tobee's toys. You can see everyone's picture with the half birthday girl on the picasa page.

As soon as the party ended Daddy drove up to UCSB. Mommy and Libi spent their night in Mommy's bed watching Grey's Anatomy. Mommy has not been sleeping well lately which makes her tired and cranky the next day. Tobee enjoyed laying in Daddy's spot until Libi rolled into her space, so she finished the night on the floor.

Wednesday -- We had to get up early today due to the exterminator coming to spray the kitchen. One of the bad things about the summer is that the ants want to get out of the sun and into our house. It was very lucky that he came today because we had a scorpion in the kitchen-- yep, a live baby scorpion. I actually saw it right next to my foot when I was assembling Libi's first bottle but I thought it was one of those little pincher bugs that run away when they see you coming. He took it away, but now I'm on alert everywhere in the house.

Libs and I have spent the day playing, scrapbooking, napping, and nearly crawling. She is getting so close to really going on the floor. She is scooting everywhere but she's starting to get her knees underneath her and push up on her arms.

Tonight we are planning to go to bed early 'cause Mommy's really tired.

Post Script--- Tonight as I sat on the computer in the retreat Libs rolled all the way across the floor to me. She has found her mobility and she was all smiles when she realized she could get to mama!

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