Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August first...

Libs, Jammy and I all went to get our nails done this morning-- actually, Mommy did Libi's nails before we left the house. Afterwards we went to Mr. Pickle, a sandwich shop, for lunch. Libs slept through the meal, but Jammy and I enjoyed our sandwiches.
We then ran over to Granpa's office for a visit. Libs got passed around to everyone and had a good time until she needed a change.
Daddy came home this afternoon. We all took a nap together-- all four of us in the little bed. We had a nice family dinner-- we ate tri-tip and Libs had cereal and peaches. Tonight we went for another night swim, but this time Daddy came with us. Once we got back we watched a Food Network princess cake challenge from Walt Disney World and Mommy began to again long for her beloved theme park. I can't wait to take Libs there!
Tomorrow Daddy returns for the last camp and Libs and I will wrap up our visit with Jammy and Granpa.

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