Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday at home...

This morning Mommy's friend Dolly came over to play with Libs and Tobee. It was really fun chatting and eating love cake while Lou Lou chatted away. I enjoy hearing about all of the adventures of Lucas, one of my all-time favorite students-- he is now in junior high school.

We also finally got the Olds donated to a charity. It took a great deal of phone time this morning, but it was sent to a better place around 10:30.

This afternoon we just played, read, and sang-- no traveling about. Libs also let me take photos of her two front teeth, which can be seen on Picasa. When Daddy got home we all played together. Tonight we showed Libs how to play penguin bowling-- I think Tobee enjoyed it more than Libs. Libi is enjoying making all kinds of sounds-- ttt-ttt-ttt, ma-ma-ma, da-da-da, ba-ba-ba and zrbtts fill the house.

Daddy fed Libs and took a shift after bath time so Mommy could scrapbook. I got several pages done for my Disney Club next week. Mommy also heard today from her MOPS table leader, Lorri. She seemed very nice and Mommy looks forward to meeting her on Sept. 11th.

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