Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wow am I behind!!!

Thursday - Jammy, I need you help-- my memories fail me as to what we did for much of Thursday and Friday.

Friday - We had dinner at Bob's-- of course we did! If it's a Friday and you're in Stockton you go eat a burger at Bob's at the Marina cooked by the highly talkative chef, Guy. Libs was so funny with her Zwieback all over the place-- she really likes those little toasts! Aunt Renia also made Libs do her big belly laugh with the basked monster. You really have to see the video to understand it-- it's on Picasa.

Saturday - Mommy ran out this morning to weigh in and grab some movies at Blockbuster so Libs stayed with Jammy and Granpa. The nights have been pretty rough lately as Libs won't stay the whole night in her travel crib. At some point very early in the morning, or very late at night depending on your view, Lou Lou wakes up and needs consolation and to hog much of Mommy's bed. This makes Mommy very tired and cranky these days :(
We kept things very low key today-- watching movies, watching Libs roll all over the floor, and being home-bodies. Unfortunately we got word this evening the Ron's grandfather was taken to the hospital with severe dehydration. Grandmalito said that they believe that he is going to be fine, but it will be nice to get home to see him.

Sunday - Daddy came home this afternoon! We spent much of the day waiting for him and hanging out with Jammy and Granpa. Daddy, Mommy and Granpa took Libs to the pool for a final swim-- the little fish had a great time! We had a nice family dinner and watched a few movies on TBS-- all in all a really good day!

Monday- Jammy was on Libi duty for the afternoon so that Mommy and Daddy could go to the movies. We finally got a chance to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and we weren't going to miss it! It was a wonderful flick-- very much foreshadowing of things to come :) (Can you tell that Mommy finished book 7?) On the way home we stopped at two wineries, but struck out on the things we were looking for.
For dinner we met Bob and Renia at Lodi Beer Company. Libs was great entertainment there. She ate green beans for the first time today. It was a bit awkward having her in the stroller, but Mommy and Daddy are becoming pros and improvising!

Tuesday - We made the long drive home from Stockton today. Everyone did well on the drive and it seemed to just fly by-- most likely because we were excited to get back to our own house and bed. It is wonderful visiting Jammy and Granpa, but 10 days is a long time to be away from home.
This evening Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet came over for a Libi fix. It was great timing for me because while we were gone Miss Libs outgrew a great deal of the clothes in her closet. She is now in 9 month clothes almost completely. In no time at all we will have to move into the 12 month simply due to her length.
Libs fell asleep in Mommy's arms and is resting comfortably in her own bed. Mommy will be doing the same soon.

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