Saturday, August 11, 2007

Behind again.

Wednesday -- We woke up and drove into the valley to pick-up Grandmalito at Hugo and Ann-Marie's. We then went to Valley Pres. to see Great-Grandpa Limon. He has been in the hospital for several days for dehydration treatment. It was nice to see him, despite the fact that he wasn't awake for the visit.
After we dropped Grandma Cris off we went to Nana and Pop's house to see everyone there. Nana is still wearing her brace, which fascinated Libs. While Nana couldn't hold her, Libs sat next to her and touched and studied the contraption. It was a really nice visit-- Libs did all of her "tricks" for them.
In the evening Grampy came over for dinner. He fed Libs her meal of cereal and green beans while Daddy cooked dinner-- how nice for Mommy to not have to do anything!! Mommy was pulled away from the table to have a nice long talk with Aunt Linda, but Daddy and Grampy kept Libs entertained. Grampy even stayed for Libi's bath time and then he walked her to sleep before he left-- a good time was had by all.

Thursday-- Libs and Mommy went to the Strassner's house for swimming and lunch today. While we were having fun, Daddy was working at school trying to get his room put together. Libi loved watching Emma and Ben jump off the side of the pool and swim around. We had a really nice lunch and visit with our good friends.

Friday-- We took Libi to her first country fair today. After getting the house re-sprayed for ants we loaded into the car and headed to Ventura. It was a really nice day at the fair-- the weather was beautiful, the grounds were clean and the food was good. Libi loved looking at all the people and animals. She especially liked the big bubbles in the kids area-- you can see pictures on Picasa.

Saturday-- Today Mommy and Libs hung out at the house while Daddy ran some errands. We had quite an adventure while he was gone, but I won't trouble you with the messy details.
This afternoon Grampy and Grandmalito came over for a visit. Libs loves riding on Grampy's head and showing Grandmalito all her toys.
This evening we headed to Santa Paula for Nick's birthday party-- he's the science teacher on Daddy's team. Libs was the hit of the party, being passed around to anyone who had a hand out. It was nice to meet Nick's girlfriend and to see some friends from Rio Norte. It is now late and Mommy is tired. Tomorrow we will be cleaning the garage, trying to make room for Daddy's car.

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